Rick Miller


Rick Miller plays down-home acoustic pop music in Seattle and the surrounding area. He made his mark on the Seattle rock circuit in the bands New Druids and Patience before striking out on his own to play gigs solo and with highly-regarded, small acoustic ensembles.

Not content to let the Appalachian folk and country blues languish as dried out and musty old museum pieces, Rick Miller freely mixes these with a melange of world influences and flavors it all with his trademark spice and humor. His unique vocals range from a restrained slow burn, reminiscent of the pecan-fire flavor that builds over two days of slow, smokey barbeque, to an emphatic soul shout that tastes like buttermilk fried chicken with corn-bread dressing and a side of macaroni and cheese, all served on a bed of turnip greens and ham hocks. Wrap that kind of flavor around lyrics at turns sublime and ridiculous, full of rich, sometimes surreal imagery and a dry wit, and you have one heaping plateful of Rick Miller.

Mm-mmmmmm... Now that's cooking!

Rick's music is a welcome tonic to the jaded resignation and overbearing angst-mongering that plagues modern rock, and is delivered with soul and an easy assurance that lets the music speak for itself.

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